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Last updated: May 10, 2020

This User agreement (hereinafter referred to as - The "agreement") are developed by Service administration and regulate use of Service Azometer , located at https://azometer.com/en/  (hereinafter - "Service"), its information content, including software. The User in this agreement means a legal entity or individual who uses any of services of Service.

This Agreement regulates behavior of all users of Service without exception and applies to all sections and pages of Service. The user must fully read this Agreement before registering on Service. User registration on Service means full and unconditional acceptance of these Rules by user.

Under Administration of Service Azometer (previously and further - Administration of Service) in this User agreement is understood NeoSales Corp LP.

Requests, suggestions and claims of individuals and legal entities to Service Administration in connection with this User agreement and third parties when using it, as well as for requests authorized by all questions about operation of Service, violations of rights and interests of User can be sent to email address [email protected]

  1. General provisions
    1. This Agreement is an accession agreement. By registering in Service, User joins this Agreement, fully accepting terms of Agreement.
    2. This Agreement, concluded by joining Agreement, is valid in electronic form and does not oblige Parties to sign it and is valid in electronic form.
  2. Agreement subject
    1. This User agreement is a legally binding agreement between User and Service Administration, subject of which is provision of services by Service Administration to User for use of Service and its services (hereinafter referred to as "Services"). In addition to this User agreement, agreement between User and Service Administration includes all special documents regulating provision of individual services of Service and posted in relevant sections of Service on Internet.
    2. The user must fully read this User agreement before registering on Service.
    3. This Agreement applies to any updates and any versions of Service..
    4. This User agreement may be changed and/or supplemented by Service Administration unilaterally without any special notification.
    5. This User agreement is an open and publicly available document. The current version of User agreement is located in Internet at: https://azometer.com/en/https://azometer.com/ru/terms-and-conditions.
    6. The user is responsible for making changes to Agreement.
    7. By continuing to use Service, User agrees to all changes and additions.
    8. Service [Azometer is result of intellectual activity of Administration, all exclusive rights to Service, its accompanying materials and any copies thereof belong to Service Administration and cannot be used without permission of Service Administration.
  3. Terms of Service
    1. In order to use Service, User agrees to provide accurate and complete information about themselves on issues proposed in Registration Form and in Personal Account, and to keep this information up to date. After completing registration process, User can use selected username (unique character name of Your account) and password to access personalized part of service Azometer. When choosing a username, it is important to remember! The one you selected at beginning can't be changed later.
    2. From moment of registration in Service, user can create their own Projects.
      In Agreement, Project refers to URL of an Amazon product, a group of keywords that need to be tracked, controlled, and analyzed.
    3. Information about types of services and rates specified in Rates section on Service's website.
      Payment for paid services can be made by wire transfer of funds in form of a full prepayment for selected service under Tariff plan by direct payment of selected Tariff/service.
    4. By Registering in Service, user agrees to receive emails from Service Azometer. These emails include newsletters about Service's news and current promotions, emails with reports on positions and analysis of Service, system emails about password recovery, and so on.you can Cancel newsletter upon request to technical support.
    5. User is granted free (trial) 7-day access to Service's services upon first registration on Service.
      Service administration unilaterally determines which features and services of Service are available to User during trial access.
    6. Paid services are considered to be properly rendered and accepted by User in full, if within 1 (one) business day after end of provision of corresponding paid service, User has not sent a reasoned claim to Service Administration.
    7. Service Administration undertakes to provide technical support to User on any issues related to functionality of Service and services provided.
      Technical support of user is provided by submitting a request by User to appropriate service service, located at following address: https://azometer.com/en/https://azometer.com/ru/contacts
  4. Rights and obligations of parties
      1. User Responsibilities:
        1. User is prohibited from transmitting passwords and usernames used to access Service to any third parties.the User independently ensures confidentiality of their storage.
          In case of unauthorized access to user's username and password and/or account, User undertakes to immediately notify Service Administration.
        2. User is obliged not to take any actions that may lead to a violation of international law, as well as any legal or illegal actions that lead or may lead to a violation of Service.
        3. User undertakes not to use software that automatically downloads and processes (disassembles) web pages of Service in order to obtain necessary data.
        4. User also undertakes to:
          • do not sell or otherwise alienate your account in Service Azometer;
          • do not use multiple Trial accounts by same user;
      2. User rights:
        1. The user is granted access to Service around clock, except for time of preventive maintenance or time necessary to eliminate accidents and problems in Service.
        2. The user has right to use Service within its functionality and under conditions set forth in this Agreement, including creating Projects.
        3. The user has right to choose any tariff plan for using Paid services of Service.

          Attention! The user is notified, takes into account and agrees that when paying for a tariff plan in Service, User may be charged a Commission for transferring funds. The Commission may be charged by payment systems that User chooses to pay for Service. Before depositing funds, User must familiarize himself with rules for providing services by payment operators.

        4. User has right to submit a request to delete user's account and information stored in Service at any time. The user's account and information stored in Service are deleted within 3 days from date of receipt of request.
          You can also opt out of using Service and delete your account by contacting Service's technical support service: https://azometer.com/en/https://azometer.com/ru/contacts
        5. User is notified and agrees that Service Administration does not return funds deposited and unused by User, except in cases when User is provided with a low-quality service that does not meet obligations of Service.
        6. When providing a low-quality service, if validity of User's claim is confirmed by Service Administration, refund of funds deposited by User is made within 14 banking days, in same way that subscription to tariff plan selected by User was paid.
    1. Responsibilities Of The Service Administration
      1. Service Administration is obliged to grant User access to Service immediately after passing User registration procedure on Service.
      2. Service Administration undertakes to ensure uninterrupted operation of Service, except in cases of interruptions in service's performance caused by external factors, including actions of third parties, as well as time of preventive maintenance.
      3. Service Administration undertakes to ensure safety of User data for period of validity of paid tariff plan.
      4. During term of this Agreement, Service Administration undertakes to ensure confidentiality of terms of Agreement, as well as any other information and data received from each other in connection with execution of this Agreement (including personal data), except for information and data that are publicly available (hereinafter referred to as confidential information).
        The Service administration undertakes not to disclose confidential information to third parties without obtaining User's prior written consent.
      5. It is Not a violation of confidentiality to provide confidential information at legal request of law enforcement and other authorized state bodies and officials in cases and in manner provided for by applicable law.
    2. Rights Of The Service Administration
      1. Service Administration has right to unilaterally delete Projects created by user if latter does not use his account (account) within 30 days.
      2. Service Administration has right to change/delete User's account if User's username:
        • violates generally accepted moral norms;
        • offensive to other users;
        • contains obscene words or expressions;
        • calls for inciting national hatred.
      3. Service Administration has right to block User's access to projects created by them, in case of late payment for services rendered by Service, and three days after expiration of payment period, to stop data collection for all active projects. If subscription is not renewed within 30 days, client's Projects are removed from system.
      4. Service Administration has right to change, update content and content of Service, including changing The service interface at any time at its sole discretion, without prior notice to User.
      5. Service Administration has right to suspend operation of Service for scheduled maintenance and repair work on Service, as well as in emergency situations, notifying User by posting relevant information in Service.
      6. Service Administration has right to unilaterally change size (price) and payment procedure for services unilaterally.
      7. Administration reserves right to unilaterally suspend or terminate User's access to services of Service Azometer, if there is a suspicion that Customer has committed illegal actions, until circumstances are clarified.
  5. Liability of parties and dispute resolution procedure
    1. Service is provided to User as it is.
    2. Any paid services provided to User are related to functioning of Internet (both on technical resources of Service and beyond). In this regard, Service Administration is not responsible for quality, error-free and absence of malicious and/or illegal components in software used, if it is not developed by Administration.
    3. For violation of obligations under Agreement, Parties are liable under international law. In this case, Service Administration's liability to User in event of a claim for damages is limited to amount of cost of paid services paid by User.
    4. Service Administration has right to unilaterally block or delete User's account, without returning funds for paid services in cases of violations of terms of Agreement by User, as well as failure to fulfill their obligations by User specified in clause 4.1. of Agreement;

      Neither Party shall be liable for full or partial non-performance of any of its obligations if non-performance is result of force majeure circumstances that arose after conclusion of Agreement and are beyond control of Parties. In case of force majeure for more than 3 (Three) months, any Party may unilaterally refuse to perform its obligations under this Agreement (terminate Agreement).

    5. Service Administration is not responsible for non-performance or improper performance of obligations under this Agreement, as well as for direct and indirect losses of User, including lost profits and possible damages, for any reason and under no circumstances.

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